Book Review ‘The Elemental’

FIVE STARS for ‘The Elemental,’ by Joseph Lombardo


This is a nicely-written, fast-paced tale of interdimensional beings coming into contact with humans in an effort to retrieve a damaged ship. It’s thought-provoking and entertaining in equal measures, with the pace nearly feverish near the end.
With the Elemental, the author, Joe Lombardo, accomplished two things I foundthe-elemental extremely noteworthy.
He painted a captivating story, (the broad strokes) and infused it with sensitivity and some rather creative character development. (the finer strokes)

The Saq Muyale, (The interdimensional beings) are imaginatively depicted, and there are several nicely written, philosophical exchanges between the Saq master, Kin’ich, and Navarre, (the human main character) who essentially exists between worlds, but for undisclosed reasons resides within the world of the Saq. (There’s a shrewd mystery here about Navarre and his parents, and how Navarre found his way into the ‘employ’ of the Saq Muyalle, with the author offering mere morsels of the explanation along the way. Frustrating, but also compelling.)

Kin’ich, with his elegant, stoic, somewhat terse, but deeply philosophical nature was by far my favourite character. His lines were skilfully crafted and delivered a fascinating view of the Saq race.

This was an enjoyable read, which, by the time I reached the end, had completely extinguished my earlier theories of where the plot was going.

If you have even the slightest taste for the Alien Encounter genre of Science Fiction, I can guarantee you’ll like The Elemental.

T.E. Mark – Author – Language Teacher











Book Review ‘In the Shadow of her Majesty’

5-STARS for ‘In the Shadow of her Majesty,’ by A.Piper Burgi


A True Masterwork

Some authors tell intriguing stories. Some tell compelling stories.

A.Piper Burgi, with her novel ‘In the Shadow of her Majesty,’ has done both, and

With her inimitable style of writing narration, she has not only knitted an intriguing tale of a death and possible murder, ostensibly for lust, greed and gain during the time of Queen Elizabeth 1st, she has compelled the reader directly into her story.

Robert Dudley’s wife Amy is dead, and there is every reason to believe Robert, a favourite of the Queen, no longer in love with his wife, was the murderer. But was he?

Though this may sound like a ‘Who-done-it,’ mystery, and there are elements of A. Conan Doyle in the plot, there is much, much more.

This is a story about human divisiveness, lust and avarice, friendship and loyalty, and even love and frailty.

A.Piper Burgi has crafted a true masterwork with ‘In the Shadow of her Majesty.’ One that keeps you spinning out your theories and questioning and dispensing with them until the very last chapter.

A fine work, Ms Burgi. Your narration ranks up there with anything I’ve read from a contemporary author.

T. E. Mark – Author – Language Teacher