Book Review ‘Bot War’

4 1/2 STARS for ‘Bot War,’ by Ian J Miller


‘The years of corruption had removed the moral will to do the right thing from so many,’ writes the author in the closing chapter of this riveting, action-packed adventure by Ianbot-war_cover_pic Miller. And in my opinion, this powerful line fully encapsulates the author’s view and warning.

‘Bot War’ is a dense story which fits, in my opinion, just marginally within the framework of Science Fiction, with the principal theme being greed, high-level corruption, and the fragility of our economic system.

Mr Grey, a very powerful investment banker, is in league with a dangerous faction of Middle Eastern terrorists. Where Grey’s motivation is simple stock manipulation for financial gain, by any means, including murder, his partners have a more complex and destructive agenda.

‘Bot War’ is, I believe, a declarative statement by Mr Miller of how a country could conceivably be brought to its knees through the internal moral breakdown by the powerful rather than by invasion, (Though a robot invasion is part of the scheme) bio-terror, or runaway technology.

The intrigue and corruption are almost too real in this well-written book, and the action, from about the mid-point on, is almost frenetic.

I enjoyed reading this book immensely and have but one criticism. I drew no images of or felt any real attachment to the main characters while reading. Though I believe this to have been the intent of the author, one I’ve also found in classic works of literature, usually to make an additional point, it’s not my favourite approach to character development. Beyond that one criticism, I give this a solid 4 ½ star review and a strong recommendation.

Note: Mr Miller is very detailed in his writing, specifically about the inner workings of the Stock Market. For this reason, and this reason alone, I would suggest that ‘Bot War’ may not be suitable for very young readers. For others, who enjoy a fast-paced, high-intensity drama, this is a great piece with many clever and imaginative scenes.

T.E. Mark – Author – Language Teacher

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