Book Review ‘The Two Story House’

FIVE STARS for ‘The Two Story House,’ by Gloria Ilene Madrigal


‘The Two Story House,’ by Gloria Ilene Madrigal, is a sweet tale told in two individualCover - 2 Story House short stories.

But they’re more than that.

These are two free verse poems, unique, genuine and brimming with sentimentality.

The writing style is richly poetic and reminds me, in ways, of some of my favourite Romantic Era writers: William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Percy Shelley, Lord Byron, and others.

The first story is told by a ninety-five-year-old woman who wishes to share with her great-granddaughter her childhood memories of growing up in this once majestic, now crumbling, old home that she describes as, ‘Like me, showing the ravages of time.’

In story two, Ms Madrigal craftily tells the story from the house’s perspective. How it ‘Remembered the first day it met its new family,’ and ‘how it slipped into its new white coat feeling quite handsome.’

Again, one comes away feeling touched equally by the story the author is telling as by the author’s obvious depth of emotion.

It’s a seasoned writer, and a true romantic, who can take the simplest of subjects and weave it into something beautiful and touching and compelling. The Two Story House is all three.

Hardly a criticism, but I would like to have read these two works as part of a larger collection. They’re truly wonderful pieces which, in my opinion, deserve to be squeezed into a full volume of similar stories.

TE Mark:  Author – Language Teacher

2 thoughts on “Book Review ‘The Two Story House’”

  1. What a unique and original approach to the two perspectives. And a great review, Mark. I love character driven books and haven’t read one where a character is a house. 🙂 You made me want to pick up this book.


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