Book Review ‘Welcome to the Apocalypse: Book 2 – Cybernexis’



‘Is this still the game or is it real?’

This question arises again and again for the participants and the reader in this rivetingWelcome_To_The_Apocalypse_Cover_Bk2 sequel as Kelly Lawrence, Jack Minnow, Ash Brogen, Sasha Vaness, Reis Anderson and others are back, trying to stay alive while weaving their way through Pandora’s (The mainframe computer) many apocalyptic virtual reality games.

But, are they just games? And, can someone actually die in here?

The questions compound as the computer simulated worlds seem endless with each more fraught with danger than the last.

DL Richardson scores again with this fast-paced follow-up to her super first installment: ‘Welcome to the Apocalypse: Book 1—Pandora,’ serving up an imaginative, craftily organised story with 100 people participating in a full-immersion, VR computer game designed to grant the players an experience as close to real as the real thing. Or, is it real? And more importantly, if it is just a game, is there a way out?

Another thing worth mentioning. In book two, the author looks deeper into her characters and describes them and their motivations with much greater clarity making her second book not only exciting, but also awarding her readers a nice attachment to her main characters. In my view—the quality of a mature writer.

Ms Richardson also keeps you guessing and questioning your assumptions as you move along which makes this a fun read and a definite page-turner. (I literally stayed up two nights until dawn craving the finish line.)

I give this an easy 5-star review as it kept me guessing and questioning my conclusions throughout.

No spoilers in this review: Grab a copy! You will NOT be disappointed!

One final comment: As a writer, I am drawn to powerful writing. DL Richardson is a powerful writer. This line, from the last chapter of the book, is just one of the many strong passages you’ll find in this book. Lines like these make reading fun!

There is a philosophical dilemma which NASA appears to have overlooked. Are your friends alive or dead? At what point does existence or non-existence occur?”   Love it, DL. Can’t wait for Book Three!

TE Mark – Author

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