BINARY – The Novelettes of T. E. Mark – Vol V

A cyber anarchist will attempt to use a genetically modified boy, who can control BINARY_Frontcomputers with his mind, to turn the tables on the spy agencies and politicians, denying them their privacy rights.  BINARY

What is real or merely the appearance of reality is explored in this mind-bending, thriller with a gifted young programmer, on the run from everyone, designing adult-themed, virtual playgrounds for wealthy executives.  NET 2.3

In this explosive Sci-Fi Adventure, Agent Charli-5 must find her way back to World Security, the secret organisation governing all new technologies, to uncover why she was sent to remove (assassinate) the wrong person at Escape Inc. – a company experimenting with teleportation.  CHARLI 5

“What a ride. Each story is a movie.”  Writers Intl.