‘…but then, why Mars really?’

When the entire Solar System has been turned into one vast, dangerously confused, putrid smelling outdoor potty, with each planet seeking new and inventive ways of closing its borders to immigrants, there seems but one answer.

Enlist an immigrant book vendor from Benar, often called Earth, mainly by Earthlings, to but-then-why-mars-really_front_marketingfix things.

Trevor Hardly, an innocent bookseller from Midsomer Norton, after emigrating to Mars, will learn the true nature of the universe while he: mucks about in everyone’s politics, learns to dress up Earth’s literature, gets captured by Zorgs, who are pretty much like Scots, and falls in love with Penny – a romance novelist with blue hair and thoroughly clever tattoos from Canada who writes novels for house pets.

And then there’s NoNoon. Which used to be called Neptune until they did away with midday.

And Fahrahr. A funny sideways sort of planet called Uranus by everyone but the Fahrahrians.

This is an exciting little book guaranteed to capture your imagination with absolutely no intention of ever giving it back.