DREAMS INC. – The Novelettes of T. E. Mark – Vol II

‘Five award-winning stories. Possibly Mark’s best work to date!’ E-Net Reviews

‘Meaningful – Richly thematic. This is fiction in the grand tradition.’ Writer’s International

DREAMS INC_New_Front_Vol II_SpecBobby Bright is 17. He’s remote, a gifted design student and a puzzle to everyone. When Annabeth Bachman,  a passionate young therapist, uncovers what Bobby has been working on, her world, his and ours will change forever.  BOBBY BRIGHT

A neuronthologist is tasked with extracting the memories of a 17-year-old resistance fighter who can hyper-accelerate – move through solid matter, when he’s caught inside a Pentagon general’s house stealing a top-secret war plan.  OIL ON CANVAS

Pinnacle is the future. A future where art and music are unlawful. An austere future where people only see in black and white. And in this tragic future, Douglas and Oulette Fischer have gone on the run to protect their daughter who sings, draws and sees colours.  THEN SHE SAW COLOURS

In a world where dreams are administered artificially by Dreams Inc, and no one sleeps, people are losing interest in reality – opting  instead for their manufactured dream worlds.  DREAMS INC

A woman unleashes a demon, when she follows the recommendation of her sentient machine companion, after installing a revolutionary AI programming language. A profound story that offers a fresh glimpse at the ethical questions arising from Artificial General Intelligence research and speculation.  A MOMENT INTO THE SILENCE FELL