‘Fractured Horizons’

Fractured Horizons: A Time Travel Odyssey

In this meaningful adventure, a dedicated science student with dreams of changing the fh_ebook1_1600x2400world will be granted his chance.

When Robert Davie, an above average 17-year-old, encounters the new girl at school, his world and ours will change forever as she compels him through time and space with hopes of teaching him an invaluable lesson: The responsibility of science.

After visiting Euclid, Galileo & Newton in the past, and three unique dystopian futures, Robert will claim he is ready. But the final challenge will place him into a situation he could never have anticipated.

Will he make the right decision based on his earlier travels?

Will the world of 2015 be different when he returns?

‘This is a witty, fun and poignant novel that will make you smile and think: How different our world would be if we stopped and considered whether we should create something simply because we possess the ability to do so.’

[Suitable for All Readers]