‘Fractured Horizons’

Fractured Horizons: A Time Travel Odyssey

Imagine the world without atomic weapons. Can you picture it?

In this fanciful tale, a young English science student who dreams of following in the footsteps of his fh_ebook1_1600x2400idol, Sir Isaac Newton, and changing the world, will indeed be awarded his opportunity.

But first, he will need to learn an invaluable lesson: The responsibility of being a person of science.

This is a clever, witty, and often sensitive story which should be read by everyone. It details the travels through time and space of Robert Davie, a boy from Somerset, England, who will meet his scientific heroes, (Euclid, Galileo, Maxwell, Newton) and be shown three unique, catastrophic futures resulting from mankind’s possession of technology he wasn’t quite ready to control.