‘Love in the Time of Apocalypse’

When the sky is ripped by a commanding voice with the grim verdict that the Intergalactic Affairs Committee has declared the Earth unsalvageable and a danger to the universe, people shudder, shake and fall to their knees in prayer.

Love_Apocalypse_Front_MarketingBut not Perry Brambles, a cynical, opinionated journalist who is desperately trying to finish his copy for the morning news and can’t really be bothered by some ‘blithering pain in the ass omnipotent being from another galaxy, universe, dimension, or what-have-you.’

After voicing his comments, rather descriptively, he’s whisked away to another planet and tasked with guiding Earth’s cumulative leadership to a better understanding of their duties with hopes of saving the world from this damning decree.

And it will be here in space, and time and even space-time that Perry will regain his youth and favourite sweater. He’ll learn the truth about nature, and human nature, and all nature, really, and how, at the end of the day, what truly matters are peace, happiness, acceptance, children, love, and…. dusting.