‘Saturn’s Offspring’


Elian Risling and Midori Satou have much in common. Much more than they could ever have imagined.Saturn's Offspring

As ambitious teens growing up on Titan in the early 25th century, the two share the desire to one day venture into space, to discover alien civilisations, and to uncover the

wonders of the Universe.

Their normal outlook, aspirations, and very existence changes when they are enlightened to a secret. Something that was planned for the day of their graduation.

‘The alien cultures of their dreams exist – but they needn’t travel into outer space to find them.’

This is a suspenseful story with many twists. The universe is not as it appears to our young adventuresome duo, and neither are most of the people around them.

The final chapters of this warm, but mysterious, tale, will leave you breathless, wondering who is who, and above all, who can be trusted.

YA – Young Adult to Adult