‘The House of Seven Moons’

The delicate balance of the Multi-Verse is again in peril. This time from a League of Seven Moons_Front_Specfanatics determined to extend their self-righteous morality throughout space and time to all inhabited worlds and a few rather quaint uninhabited ones too.

But they’ve overlooked a potential snag while devising their oh-so-abominable plan. They’ve attracted the attention of the omnipotent, the almighty, the incalculably clever and preposterously well-dressed Olgarb.

But even Olgarb will need help on this one. He’ll coax his old assistant Ralphgorn out of retirement. He’ll enlist Tracy, a randy dental Hygienist from Ganymede with breast issues. And he’ll buzz back in time to call upon his favourite Earth journalist, Perry Brambles, who is once again embroiled in marital problems.

With an all-star cast, mind-pulverising action, heart palpitating suspense, disturbingly ordinary drama, nerve-numbing romance and hot steamy sex, The House of Seven Moons will have you laughing and panting and chirping like a sex-starved sparrow on holiday in Spain, Bermuda or on good old Rigel VII.