THE REALITY EXCHANGE – The Novelettes of T. E. Mark – Vol VI

(Published 19 Mar 2021)

Life changes for time travelling journalist Dale Santos, who scripts events before they happen for the state-run media corporation, when he witnesses his girlfriend’s contract murder 26.5 hours in the future.  SCRIPTED

Sol Dyson, an investigator with the world’s top control agency, has been handed an assignment by The Reality Exchange – the world’s repository of stored minds for future insertion into robotic hosts. His investigation will lead him to a disturbing revelation: Someone at the Exchange is inserting vast numbers of these stored consciousnesses into the minds of living people. THE REALITY EXCHANGE

The world is on the brink of total war when an alien machine intelligence selects a geophysicist and computer scientist as subjects for a type of  reverse Turing test – to determine if we’re capable of evolving. Their fate, and that of everyone on Earth, will depend on their performance.  “e”

In this stand-alone episode 02 of BINARY, (Ep 01 released in August of 2020), Justin Quinn, modified from birth to control computers with his mind, is again thrust into the middle of a secret war between the NSA, the Pentagon and the White House.  BINARY 02

“Creative genius. This is Sci-Fi at its best.” The Post Reviews